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Wire Saw   DSM-102A


Compact hydraulic Wire Saw

Integrated electric torque converter
Feeding system for traveling drive pulley is integrated
electric torque converter. Don't need to adjust wire
tension frequently. In addition, it makes possible to
extend long diamond wire life because the response is
quick to applied load on the diamond wire.
Powerful wire saw
Combination with Hydraulic Unit E-2002Ax,
powerful wire sawing is possible.
Simple structure is flexible
Wire strage is easily added with using extra pole and
Dividable component
Heavy components can be divided so that easy to
work at narrow area and high-place.
Safety improved for unexpected main pulley falling down
using with integrated centrifugal brake.
CE is not certified
Model Name DSM-102A
Hydraulic Motor
(For Main Pulley drive)
Rated Pressure 21MPa
Max. discharge 54 litter/min
Max. Rotation Speed 850min-1
Main Pulley Outer diameter 600mm
Max. tensile strength 1,786N
Max. travel speed 1,634 mm/min
Diamond Wire storage 10.7m
Diamond Wire diameter 10-11mm
Applicable Hydraulic Unit E-2002Ax, E-1114Ax
Size W x L x H 1,604 x 534 x 1,687mm
Total Weight (Excluded Control Box and cable) 156kg
Options for DRY WIRE SAW are available, please ask CONSEC sales representative.